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Batch Picture Resizer

Resize images with a batch picture resizer easily and quickly
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24 May 2013

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For all those who have a knack of creating new images and like to work on designing pictures on your PC, here comes cool new software for you. It’s easy-to-use and has a quite user friendly interface. The Batch Picture Resizer will not only help you work out new images but you can also edit and reshape existing pictures without affecting the quality. With all the unique and fun features that the software provides, your imaginations will forever be running high.

The Batch Picture Resizer has many options for you to deal with and manage all picture files in different format like JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA, etc. Other than resizing the images, you can also change the color scheme, texture, etc. With its resizing options, you can change the width and length of the images according your choice of ratio. It works wonders on your images if you judiciously use functions for Grayscale Picture and Normalize Colors. There are additional tools for altering color and texture of any picture at a single stroke of your finger.

You can auto rotate JPG image files. Rename the existing files and save newly sized photos in a separate file. There are also options to optimize and convert image color level. Simply put, there is no end to the various functions that this software provides. Compression levels provided by the software are quite appreciable if we compare it to other such software in its class. In addition it gives overwrite functions when batch resizing needs to be done.

On the downside the software would have done better if had been accompanied by a video help file. The advances features are slightly difficult to decipher for novice users.

In a nutshell the software is a great utility that is increasingly going make new converts.

Publisher's description

A batch picture resizer is software that almost anyone who works with digital images will find very useful. Many people use complicated and expensive photo editing software just to resize pictures and carry out other simple issues because they did not know that there is a far cheaper, quicker and more efficient solution. Also, resizing pictures manually, one by one, is vast a lot of time, especially when you have hundreds, let alone thousands of pictures that need converting. One solution is a powerful little user-friendly application called Batch Picture Resizer. With this cheap and simple utility, you can resize any amount of pictures quickly. The picture resizer can be used to make your images smaller so that they are more suitable for publishing on the Internet, sending to family and friends or simply to free space on your hard disk. The highest quality possible is also preserved in the files. Batch Picture Resizer also provides the possibility to convert the color levels of your photos or add text and watermarks to group of photos quickly. Get started now by visiting
Batch Picture Resizer
Batch Picture Resizer
Version 5.1
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Simple to understand and works very well indeed.
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